Electro-Mech Engineering, Inc.
311 High Street
Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614
(330) 854-0347(voice)
(330) 854-0492 (fax)
1-877-277-8649 (toll free)

 We are a consulting engineering firm located about 12 miles south of Akron, Ohio. We design Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical and Fire Protection systems for new and remodeled retail, industrial, commercial and residential buildings. We are currently registered in 25 states. Resumès of key employees are available, as well as the company background and referenced projects.
 Pictured above is the church we remodeled in 1999-2000 for use as our offices. The sanctuary and basement below was built around 1842, based on information found in printed materials during the renovation. There was an addition put on the lower level in 1950 that added a kitchen and additional space in the community room. Around 1955 the classroom addition was built.   We have maintained the original stained glass windows in the drafting studio, and also have some pictures of the completed drafting studio.

This link will allow you to download our customized Autocad files that will be required to plot our drawings looking as intended.